Wednesday, 4 August 2021

2021 Contenders: Counting Crows!? Are You Having A Laugh?

How do I follow Wet Leg and Hamish Hawk?

Well, clearly I don't. And certainly not with Counting Crows, who haven't made a decent record in (insert a big number, the bigger = the more you dislike Counting Crows) years, and then when they do it's only four tracks long and has one of the worst album covers in living memory. I mean, seriously, are you having a laugh, Rol?

(There I go, talking to myself again. The loneliness is getting to me.)

But... hold your horses there, doubting Thomases. Because these four tracks are actually very, very good... I'd go so far to say they may well be the best songs Counting Crows have ever released. (With the obvious exception of Accidentally In Love from the Shrek 2 soundtrack, because that's just amazing.)

Lead "single" Elevator Boots sounds like vintage Elton John for a start. 

Then there's Tall Grass, which takes Americana into psychedelic concept album territory, with a time travel narrative to boot. Only it's much better than that description makes it sound. Plus it contains the word "ossifies", so extra scrabble points for that.

Angel of 14th Street is the most Counting Crows song on there, but don't let that put you off...

Because then comes Bobby & The Rat Kings, which goes full on Springsteen and The E Street Band, circa Born To Run or earlier. Wow.

Turns out there's another 4 tracks to come in volume 2 of the Butter Miracle Suite later this year... if they're half as good as these, then we're in for a treat.


  1. Well, now. That was all better than expected.

  2. Looking at that cover & remembering the Wet Leg song, I'm sensing a buttery theme in your choice of music this week.

    1. Lots of butterflies and the occasional buttercup in my record collection, but surprisingly few songs about butter...


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