Sunday, 29 August 2021

Snapshots #204: A Top Ten Songs Named After Famous Actors

Lights, camera, action!

This week's Snapshots brought together ten male Hollywood stars... I'm saving the female actors (or actresses, as we used to call them in the old days) for another time. But not next week. It'll be when you least expect it.

Meanwhile, here are the leading men...

10. The beginning and ending of Stig of the Dump.


Lights! Camel! Action!
Bushes that refuse to burn
See these sandals hardly worn
Raining blood, raining bread
The night we painted Egypt red

Then Charlton Heston put his vest on...

Stump - Charlton Heston

9. Get a loan to build your new privvy.

You need a John Grant, mate.

I got to meet him once, and he was really, really cool.
And when I think about everything's that he's been through,
I wish he'd call me on the phone and take my ass to school.

John Grant - Ernest Borgnine

8. Experts on fairy chimneys.

These are fairy chimneys, also known as hoodoos...

Gene must have made thousand films
He's kissed a thousand girls
And made a thousand kills
And let's not forget he took on Superman!

Hoodoo Gurus - Gene Hackman

7. Often found in crowds.

The madness of crowds...

He picks up useless paper
And puts it in my pocket
I'm trying very hard to keep my fingers clean
I can't remember tell me what's his name

6. Known to wage warefare.

Guerrilla warfare.

I ain't happy, I'm feeling glad
I got sunshine in a bag
I'm useless, but not for long
The future is coming on

5. An intense tie.


I keep falling in love
And you're breaking my heart
I know that it's wrong
But where do I start?
It's the end of the day
I'm here alone
And you're so far away

4. Adam Sandlers.

Adam Sandler was in The Waterboy.

Cowboy hat, man that ain't no topper
His suit's as slick as a lick by Cropper
He's dressing like a Carnaby Street pill-popper
Dennis Hopper!

3. Every bird struck.


Bullet was my favorite movie that I'd ever seen
I totaled my go-cart trying to imitate that chase scene
That Duster had six hubcaps, know what I mean
And I love the way they all flew off when it landed in that ravine

2. Associated with tramps and babies.

Lady & The Tramp.

Babies go gaga.

Every John is just the same
I'm sick of their city games
I crave a real wild man
I'm strung out on John Wayne

1. Where... dare?

Where Eagles Dare, of course!

Well, talk about a low-down bad refrigerator
You were just too cool for school
Sock hop, soda pop, basketball and auto shop
The only thing that got you off was breakin' all the rules

The Eagles - James Dean

Put your vest on again next Saturday morning for more snapshots...


  1. That will explain why Lee Remick didn't feature

    1. She will definitely make an appearance when I give the ladies a chance.


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