Sunday, 8 August 2021

Snapshots #201: A Top Ten Swimming Pool Songs

I hope you're all wearing your swimming costumes for today's Top Ten. 

Time to dive in to the answers...

10. Most of Henry's wives like garlic germ.

Henry was married to 3 Catherines and 2 Annes.

"Garlic germ" was an anagram.

9. What sharks smell.

8. Pain relief.

7. Stuart has very Little ego.

Stuart Little was a mouse, and at modest one at that.

(Because if you can't swim very well, you need your floats on!)

(And yes, he does look a little too much like Timmy Mallet in that picture.)

6. Spencer sends Thunder God north.

Spencer Tracy + Thor N.

5. Red satirist.


4. Squeeze through the middle.

3. Greetings, sweetie.

2. Sleepy state.

Not strictly in a swimming pool, I guess, but they could have been.

1. CBS gags Oz!


And a Lido is an open air swimming pool, of course.

Time to dry off, but you're welcome to take a dip again next Saturday...


  1. For a future quiz on swimming:

    1. I like that.

      More than I like the idea that I'll one day have used up every other possible connection theme so be forced to re-visit earlier themes a second time...


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