Wednesday, 8 December 2021

My Top Twenty-One of 2021: #16

16. Del Amitri - Fatal Mistakes 

Their first album in 19 years, and it was like they'd never even been away. Of course, Justin has been ploughing a solo furrow for the last two decades, but his reunion with co-writer Iain Harvey brought a welcome poppiness back to his typical lyrical misanthropy. 

Together they took aim at Brexit (Close Your Eyes & Think of England), the shameful behaviour of their peers (Musicians & Beer) and a society that just can't be arsed anymore (A Nation of Caners). There were love songs in the mix too (It's Feelings was the closest they've got to recaptured the Byrdsy jangle of Roll To Me), but also a healthy dose of self-mockery on You Can't Go Back, a song (and video) that questions whether a pair of grumpy old men still have a right to pass themselves off as pop stars...

Hopefully, they've decided that they do, and they'll be back for more soon.

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