Saturday 4 December 2021

Saturday Snapshots #218

Like a Phoenix from the ashes, Saturday Snapshots rises again... but who will be the Gladiator and who will be The Joker?

Identify the ten artists below, then work out what connects their songs, please.

10. Joyce's shorts.

9. I am Dr. Lite.

8. Boom box with a calculator screen.

7. They beget a Teddy Boy.

6. Consigned to the bench in England V. Scotland games.

5. These guys can be found by Pooh's step.

4. First in Jennifer Linda, last like cold dogs.

3. Used to always be toasters. 

2. A Flemish Monday.

1. Assassination victims.

You were never really here. But if you're here again tomorrow morning, you will find the answers.


  1. 9. Del Amitri - You're a fan of Justin I know.

  2. 10. The Dubliners

    Short stories by James Joyce

  3. Replies
    1. - Love the Nouvelle Vague version of this song too.

  4. 3. I wouldn't have even known what they looked like but from the clue:

    The Wedding Present.

    They seem to be a favourite with quite a few bloggers on the sidebars.

  5. 7. Keep turning the laptop upside down for this one but none the wiser.

    No obvious link for me this week either - Will mull it over. C is usually pretty good at spotting the link and John has been known to get in there quite quickly too.

    1. Thanks Alyson, not sure I am but you usually are! Stumped this week too.

      There's one particular Dead Kennedys song which always springs to mind when I think of them but I'm pretty sure the link is nothing to do with being too drunk to...

    2. You're on the right track, C...

    3. Ah, ok... think I may have it then...cheers!

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Wasn't entirely convinced but given the J and L names thought it was worth a punt

  7. 4. Ferlin (from JenniFER LInda) Husky.

  8. 2 Handsome Family - Drunk by Noon


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