Thursday, 20 January 2022

Cnut Songs#9: Not OK, Computer

About half past eight last night, I turned on my computer with the intention of scanning a couple of old photos and writing a brief Memory Mixtape post about family holidays and my dad's old car.

An hour and a half later, I still hadn't written that post... and didn't feel much like writing it anymore... because I'd spent so long having to install a new driver for my printer which was working fine last week but suddenly wasn't doing anything it should because: update required.

This technology that is supposed to make our lives so much easier... why is it that half the time it does the very opposite?

Here's Jim Noir...

The moment I switch you on
You sing your song, let me know it won't be long
I tell you're going wrong
And you make me cry, and I don't know why

I try control delete but it makes me upset
When I have to reset your mind
Oh no, you're turning blue
Just tell me straight or do I have to wait?

Every time I try to make a silly little song
My efforts are all wasted 'cause machinery goes wrong


  1. I feel your tech-related pain Rol.

  2. Jim Noir is such a treasure. I miss the simpler times.

  3. That song is spot on. We all feel your pain I’m sure.


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