Saturday, 15 January 2022

Saturday Snapshots #223

On your Marks, get set - Snapshots!

Here to transform your weekend, a Funky Bunch of ten clues... can you identify the artists below and work out what might connect their songs?

10. Webster Earplug.

9. What to do with empty acorn producers.

8. One Wanted hitmaker, plus Brian, Al or Jackie. 

7. Where none of the students listen. 

6. #1 + Chief ARP Warden.

5. SUV demanded by Welsh rocker.

4. 68 + A Good Year...

3. Sounds like he's online.

2. Follows darkness.

1. Martin's dog and Muppet bassist.

I will Marky Mark your answers tomorrow morning...


  1. 4. Bon Jovi (there's Roman numerals in there)

    1. Of course - I thought I spotted Jon Bon Jovi there but he must have brought in some new band members.

  2. Thought I'd spotted the link then, but sadly doesn't seem to work for all of them (at least as far as I know). Plus there's no picture of Sabrina

  3. Is 9 Phil Ochs? I don't know what he looks like but it fits the clue.

  4. And 3 - rhyming slang for John Prine?

  5. Yes, think I've got the link too but if it's wrong I might get rapped knuckles.

  6. Top work all round. Just #6 to get, but he's pretty tough.

    1. Hodges was the ARP warden in Dad’s Army and lo and behold there was a singer called Eddie Hodges (had to research that one).


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