Saturday, 1 January 2022

Saturday Snapshots #221

How better to celebrate the New Year than with a splash of Buble? Or maybe you had a little too much of it last night...?

I'm not convinced anyone will be awake or compos mentis enough to take part in this one, but if you fancy something gentle to take your mind off the hangover, here are ten clues to get your brain working in 2022.

10. Often mistaken for space aliens.

9. Half T-Rex, half King.

8. Found inside Superb All Boys Club.

7. A Trifid Skit.

6. Album of the film of the town.

5. He gets on Agatha's Wick.

4. Herr Flick meets Blackadder Captain.

3. Double Acne.

2. Eat brains.

1. Sheep cry out for well-developed stomach muscles.

Answers tomorrow. Happy New Year and all that.


  1. Morning Rol!
    7 is First Aid Kit and 1 - ah, what a bunch of cuties, Abba of course.

  2. 9. Think that's Dina Carroll. She has a song that is very appropriate for today which makes me wonder.

    That is a great montage of ABBA - Agnetha hasn't changed a bit.

  3. 8 is Ballboy
    and given I've worked out the answer is 10 U2?

    1. Indeed. Quite a surprise to see them here, but it was a very appropriate song.


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