Sunday, 30 January 2022

Snapshots #225: A Top Ten Songs That Mention Other Bands In The Title

Here are this week's answers... Cheers!

There are loads of song that mention other singers (solo artists) in their titles. I'm sure we'll have a Snapshots or two that will connect some of them in the future. But I had a devil of a time finding songs that mention other bands in the title. Well done if you worked out the connections, although hopefully the extra photos helped... and a late night / early morning guest appearance from Brian to get the ball rolling.

10A. Solo insult from a Princess.

Princess Leia called Han Solo a "Nerf Herder".

10B. Van Halen

Nerf Herder - Van Halen

9A. Major Nathan Chin.


9B. The Velvet Underground

Jonathan Richman - The Velvet Underground

8A. Stubby marsupials.

Sounds like a bunch of wombats to me.

8B. Joy Division

The Wombats - Let's Dance To Joy Division

7A. Howling procession.

Wolf parade!

7B. Fine Young Cannibals

Wolf Parade - Fine Young Cannibals

(Credit where it's due: Ben gave me that one. It's a cool tune though. For a Ben recommendation.)

6A. Dusty MC Oldness.


6B. Daft Punk (Yes, that is what Daft Punk look like under their helmets.)

LCD Sound System - Daft Punk Is Playing At My House

5A. He's crackers!

Clearly he's half a man and half a biscuit.

5B. Styx

Half Man Half Biscuit - Styx Gig (Seen by My Mates Coming out of a...)

4A. The True USA.


4B. The Rubettes

The Auteurs - The Rubettes

Those are some tight pants.

3. Nervous, sad celebrities.

They're stars, but they're blue. And trembling.

3B. Abba

Trembling Blue Stars - Abba On The Jukebox

2A. Four kibbles.

Anagram! (I knew CC would get this one... with a little encouragement.)

2B. Fountains of Wayne

Robbie Fulks - Fountains Of Wayne Hotline

(Robbie Fulks loves FoW, by the way. He's not taking the piss. He genuinely appreciates their skills with a catchy riff. Rightly so.)

"Oh, that Gerald..." always makes me chortle.

1A. Courtney's home!

Where does Courtney Love live? D'oh.

1B. The Beatles meeting The Stones

The House of Love - Beatles & Stones

Come back to where everybody knows your name... even if they don't know all the answers... next Saturday.


  1. Excellent, loved the twist.

  2. Absolutely inexcusable not to have come up with Trembling Blue Stars. A new low for me on this game. Sure was fun to play though. One of those weeks where I fell asleep watching a movie (French new wave is the perfect sleeping aid) and woke up right when Saturday Snapshots went live. Love when that happens.

    1. I did think that one might have been yours, Brian.


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