Saturday, 8 January 2022

Saturday Snapshots #222

Welcome back to Saturday Snapshots, presided over this week by one of Huddersfield's most famous sons, James Mason.

I promise that this week's link has nothing to do with the Masons though, so you can all roll your trouser legs back down. But... what does connect songs by the ten artists pictured below?

10. Achieved a first class grade in culinary school.

9. Often seen on the corner of Sinatra Street.

8. Titanic confrontation.

7. Political dove opponent resembles a slice of pig.

6. Sounds like something you might find in the trial of the Moors Murderers.

5. It's fear that makes them jingle.

4. Remember the REM LP Up? These guys have mixed feelings about it.

3. Canadian Kathleen knew more than one, Johnny and Bobby.

2. Grey fart fryer.

1.  First sign of male pattern baldness.

The conspiracy will be revealed tomorrow morning.

(Again, just to be clear: the link has nothing to do with the bleeding Masons!)


  1. 2 Gerry Rafferty
    Brilliant anagram!

  2. Not having much luck at the snapshots so will have a guess at the link - London Underground stations?

    1. Top marks, Alyson!

      (Well, it's stations and lines.)

    2. Of course - Waterloo (Sunset) line, Baker Street station. That was a bit of a punt with not much to work on but might help with the others.

    3. Ah, well deduced, Alyson!

  3. So, the KoD track is either Tooting Broadway Station or Railway edge (or is that too generic?)

  4. 5 The Clash
    Guns Of Brixton?
    Or, at a push, White Man In HAMMERSMITH Palais

  5. The Kinks song could also be Victoria, at a push!

  6. 3 is Ryan someone but not Adams

    1. No it isn't. Is there another Canadian Kathleen you might know?

    2. Also, I think you're thinking of Katherine, not Kathleen.


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