Sunday, 16 January 2022

Snapshots #223: A Top Ten Knocking Songs

I chose the late John Mahoney to usher in this week's answers for two reasons. Firstly, Martin Crane's dog Eddie features in one of the clues below. Secondly, I figured he's bring a little respectability to this post... otherwise it's in danger of being mistaken for a knocking shop.

10. Webster Earplug.


Paul Westerberg - Knockin' On Mine

9. What to do with empty acorn producers.

Fill it. Fill the oaks.

Phil Ochs - Knock On The Door

8. One Wanted hitmaker, plus Brian, Al or Jackie. 

The Dooleys were Wanted. Yes, they were.

Jackie & Brian Wilson.

Dooley Wilson - Knock On Wood

(Play it again, Sam!*) 

(*Yes, I know Bogie doesn't actually say that line in the film.)

7. Where none of the students listen. 

Deaf School - Knock Knock Knocking

6. #1 + Chief ARP Warden.

We'll get to this week's #1 in a minute, but it was Chief ARP Warden Hodges in Dad's Army.

Eddie Hodges - I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door

(I only know that because it was in a Tarantino soundtrack. Honest.)

5. SUV demanded by Welsh rocker.

"SUV demanded" is an anagram...

Dave Edmunds - I Hear You Knocking

Great intro.

4. 68 + A Good Year...

68 Guns + A Good Year For The Roses.

Guns 'n' Roses - Knocking On Heaven's Door

(Because Dylan would have been too obvious. And I like how Axl string out the notes.) 

3. Sounds like he's online.

It's a rhyme. 


John Prine - Knocking On Your Screendoor

2. Follows darkness.

It's always darkest before the dawn.

Dawn - Knock Three Times

I'm pretty sure that video was filmed at Greenhead Park in Huddersfield. They must have had a dome on the cafe in the 70s.

1. Martin's dog and Muppet bassist.

Martin Crane (see the top of this page) had a dog called Eddie.

Floyd was the bass player in the Muppet band.

Snapshots will come knocking again next Saturday. Please answer your door.


  1. Quite scarily I knew that the Eddie Hodges song was also covered by Little Jimmy Osmond.

  2. I went through the clues long after the game was over and only came up with two of them. Two! Happens like that sometimes.


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