Wednesday, 5 January 2022

Neverending Top Ten #4.5: Politics

Martin was talking about revealing his plans for governmental reform last week, so I figured I'd share the above speech with you. This is something Sam wrote back at the end of November. The school was asking for representatives to join the school council and anyone who was interested had to give a presentation and then be voted in by their classmates.

Sam forgot to do anything and only told us about the election on the morning he was supposed to give his speech. His mum gave him a few ideas and one of the ladies at the before-school club helped him write the above.

He didn't win. The girl who did had done a powerpoint and promised to ask for longer playtimes and more pudding and a load of other stuff that sounded good but that she'd never be able to deliver. But she got the votes.

I'm proud of him anyway. But politics isn't about giving the best speech anymore, it's about telling the best lies. Sam gets my vote regardless.


  1. The photo from Election really does seem to sum it up, doesn’t it? Life lessons for Sam coming early and often.

  2. I'd be tempted by more pudding but expect it is along the lines OF £350 million per week to the NHS

  3. I'm with CC in being tempted by the offer of more pudding, but PowerPoint presentations leave me cold, so Sam gets my vote.

  4. Another vote here. Sam for PM!


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