Tuesday, 11 January 2022

Conversations With Ben #23: Rollin'

Rol: I need to write a blog post for tomorrow but am completely blank. Any ideas?

Ben: I was thinking the other day about when is it enough with the softness of toilet roll? There was an ad for some that said it was the latest in softness technology. But at what point does it stop making a difference? Scented toilet paper gives you ass cancer so they stopped doing that. As long as it's not the single ply tracing paper in offices and schools, does it really need to be improved?

It's not a lifestyle choice, it's a functional tool.

Like they've been saying that it's the latest and best toilet roll for a good 50 years or so. When do we complete toilet roll?

Then just stick Rollin by Limp Bizkit at the end.

I don't think you take my blog very seriously.

(Very seriously?


Awful grammar.)

Not necessarily for a blog post but it's a genuine thought I had the other day.

I'd rather play something by Lou Rawls.

Or attach John Rawls' A Theory of Justice as a PDF?

Michael Sandell does a good intro lecture on Rawls' ideas, there should be a YouTube video of that. Stick that on the end.

Bring it back highbrow...

You just want to kill my stats dead. I'd rather stick this...

How about a blogpost on the January feeling...?

But how it feels different and it's too weird not hating your life now your job has changed.

Too long to write. I've gone with your toilet roll musings because it's late and I want to go read my book.

You could say my idea wiped the floor with yours.


  1. In a similar vein to when is softness soft enough, Dave Gorman used to have a bit in one of his Powerpoint shows about deodorants that promise 24hr dryness... then 48hr... then 72hr. I think he found a 108hr brand too. When is dryness dry enough?

    1. After 72 hours without a shower, you'd stink whatever deodorant you had on.

  2. "Our softest ever technology" basically means "our old stuff was a bit rubbish".
    See also "new and improved"
    (as opposed to "old and not very good")

  3. Ah, brilliant - this is about my level.
    Too soft and fluffy might be problematic in the sewer system so it needs to be light as well and to disintegrate easily when flushed, but also not to fall apart prematurely... Must be quite a science behind it. I wonder how they test it out?

  4. Yes, I always wonder why companies make a big deal about how 'improved' their products are as it means we've been buying rubbish ones for years. I've never noticed my dishes being any easier to wash over the years, despite all the improvement the washing up liquid has had.

    Good to see the Rol and Ben show back in action.


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