Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Mid-Life Crisis Songs #84: Just Like That

I've been feeling pretty down lately, though that's hardly anything new. I guess I've fought against what the doctors kindly call 'low mood' most of my life. I don't often write about it here, because this blog is self-indulgent enough as it is. But sometimes you just have to acknowledge it and move on. There's nothing else to be done. Maybe watch some Tommy Cooper. He never fails to raise a smile. Except thinking about him, or Morecambe & Wise, or any of the old comedians I watched when I was kid, inevitably leads to feeling old. Old isn't the same as depressed though. Sometimes I'm happy to be growing old. "More in the mirror than there is up ahead," as James McMurtry puts it. Sometimes you welcome that. 

The new Bonnie Raitt album is called Just Like That. I doubt Bonnie Raitt has any idea who Tommy Cooper, is, but the title track stopped me in my tracks. You know I like a good story song, and this one has a twist that kicked me in the guts. I didn't see it coming and I found it really affecting. Maybe you will too. 

Knowing there are people out there who have far more reason to suffer "low mood" than I do really should make me quit the moping. Usually though, it just adds to my feelings of self-reproach...


  1. Beautiful song. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sorry to hear you've been down lately Rol. Some of us seem to be just wired that way. I'm more of an up-and-down person, which is reflected in my blog I think. Means I make some dud decisions when I'm down that can't be easily reversed though - too sensitive by half. Here's hoping you get back on an even keel soon, but not easy I know.

    As for that song - wow - didn't see that coming but very moving.

    1. Lovely comments from everyone. After pressing publish I realised I'd made my comment all about me again - sorry - was trying to empathise but insensitive of me. As C said, no self-reproach needed and good you feel you can share how you feel around here. Take care.

    2. I don't agree, Alyson. Empathy, to me, is relating other people's experiences to your own. That's not insensitive at all, and your comment was greatly appreciated, as was everybody else's.

  3. I'm sorry to hear that you're going through a rough patch Rol. It you find it helpful to write about it on the blog, then go ahead and do it. We're all here for you. Your Tommy Cooper/Morecambe & Wise suggestions to help find a way through the murk are great ones. I often reach for It's Alive by The Ramones during my own low moments. Played at the correct ear-splitting volume, the album has an ability to sweep a path through my clogged up brain, usually enabling me to see a chink of light somewhere in the distance. It probably doesn't endear me to the neighbours though I suppose!

    The Bonnie Raitt track? You'll have to excuse me, I appear to have something in my eye.

  4. Sorry to read this Rol. I think it's true that we can just be wired a certain way but also that everyone has low moments at one time or another often without any obvious reason, and you just have to turn to your own sources of comfort, solace, escapism, whatever it is. Old comedy and bird watching work for me. Tommy Cooper sounds just the ticket. And please never feel any sense of self-reproach - it's all relative and it's only us who have to live inside our heads.


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