Saturday, 25 June 2022

Saturday Snapshots #246

Welcome gentlemen, scholars and acrobats to the one and only, truly original Saturday Snapshots!

Identify the ten pop stars below and work out what connects their tunes. The answer is as plain as your nose...

10. Flying fast over MacArthur Park, Hadley claims to be Solo.

9. Rhyming kickers.

8. Lassie, Laika, Mr. Ed.

7. Colorado Beatle.

6. Hipster friend joins the PTA. 

5. An ivy sunbath.

4. Rowan's bottom.

3. Coyote cries like a baby.

2. Surely you can't be serious about that deep sounding fish?

1. Al. 

Answers here tomorrow morning, groovy cats.


  1. Tricky this week although I feel I should know number 5

  2. 9 Glenn and Chris / Hordle and Waddle

  3. The link is bright and shiny today

  4. If you’re unfortunate enough to remember the Hoddle and Waddle song (they took themselves so seriously) the link isn’t too tough. Apparently a girl’s best friend. (Alyson)

    1. And yet again I see RD got it a while back! Sorry Rigid, we’re all so obtuse I missed it.

    2. Obtuse not even the right word there but you know what I mean - cagey. A

    3. Yes. Anyone get the extra clue at the top of the page?

    4. Alluding to the other Pink Panther which, in the first outing for Inspector Clouseau, was also something bright and shiny, right? (Martin)


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