Monday, 20 June 2022

Monday Morning Blues #4: Post Father's Day Blues

I had a lovely Father's Day - the selection of gifts above from Sam (via Louise) was well received. I saw my own dad on Saturday, but he's hard to have a lengthy conversation with these days. Struggling with his health, finding it particularly hard to walk great distances, he clearly misses his former independence, and as a result has closed in on himself. I like to see him, but it also makes me sad because I can tell he's unhappy, yet it's beyond anything I can do to help him. I guess he appreciated the John Grisham and the chocolate truffle fudge (he started reading and tucking into it almost immediately on receipt), but I wish I could do more.

Otis Gibbs has the Back In My Day Blues. I reckon my dad knows how they feel... then again, so do I.


  1. What a great selection of gifts - love the number plate - it's now going spare! Didn't expect the Cheers T-shirt but very much your era. You have a very caring family.

    Your dad will just be pleased that you spend time with him but tough seeing them slow up. Yes, those Back in My Day Blues - we all get them.

  2. Sorry to hear about your dad, and it's a tough one, isn't it, to see someone losing their independence, as I guess we all will some day if we make it that far. Great though that he can still enjoy a good book and chocolate truffle fudge - as well as your company. Nice haul yourself too.
    I'm loving the 'What Would Spider Man Do?' book. Not that I'm into, or know a thing, about Spider Man, but I recognise that thing when you're in a situation which makes you think about how someone else would deal with it (one of my personal go-to's is Bowie - he might have been a different age and gender but it works for me...)


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