Thursday, 23 June 2022

Mid-Life Crisis Songs #85: To Be Frank

I lay my head on the railroad tracks
And wait for the double E
The railroad don't run no more
Poor poor pitiful me
Warren Zevon always has the answer.

It's been a bit of a miserable week on this blog, and I'm not going to harp on about that any more, other than to thank you all for your kind and supportive comments. They're more appreciated than I can say without sounding insincere.

Thanks also to Frank Turner, who appears to understand this weltschmerz very well...

I got a brand new name for an old, old friend
The doctor said it's anxiety
And it makes a lot of sense 'cause I've been so tense
Some days, I find it difficult to see

'Cause I've been hemmed in, penned down, struggling to find myself
Caved in, cut down, scared of everybody else
Dragged in, dragged down, searching for a reason to live

Don't you ever wake up and suspect
That you were simply never cut out to be
The kind of person they expect
The person you intended to be?

And I keep it all in with my idiot grin
And I'm doing my best but there's very little left
So cut me some slack if I crawl back into my shell
I haven't been doing so well
Couldn't you tell?

And if self-loathing was a sport, I'd be Muhammad Ali
'Cause I can sting like a butterfly and sink like a bee
But they don't hand out medals to monsters like me
Oh well

I haven't been doing so well


  1. Here's hoping you start to feel a bit better soon. That's a new word for me - weltschmerz - and I kind of like it, if not the feeling. Lots of German words that seem to describe a feeling so well - schadenfreude, uhrwurm. Good to have in the back pocket.

  2. As Alyson says... and sometimes I think you just have to accept and go with it and come out the other side, and you will. And 'weltschmerz' - what a great word, it sounds like it feels.


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