Sunday, 4 September 2022

Snapshots #256: A Top Ten Chicken Songs

Ten clucking songs about chickens... or chicks, at least.

They all taste like chicken to me...

10. Head of the Family.

Charles Manson was the leader of the cult known as The Family.

9. Join arms with Charles and Sugar.

He links arms with Ray Charles and Sugar Ray.

8. When you go back in time forty years, head straight for the toy car catastrophe. 

Matchbox Cars have a disaster in the 80s... and you must make a beeline to it.

(Look, you come up with a clue for that tosh.)

7. Monthly confusion in the springtime.

April March - Chick Habit

6. Take Prozac for your Monobrow now! And find the answer within.

Take Prozac for your Monobrow now!

5. First lady of the Bread family.

Eve was the first lady. And, as discussed on Wednesday, the sitcom Bread, created by Carla Lane, featured the Boswell Family.

4. Protect the Queen!

Bees protect their queen.

One for RadMac listeners.

3. A small accomplishment.

2. The Wizard Who travelled from there to Brighton.

From The Who's Pinball Wizard...

From Soho down to Brighton
I must have played them all

Even after 31 years, I'm still not sure what I think about that. But I'm more forgiving now than I was in 1991.

1. Stomach pains.

If you're going to sing about a chicken, at least have the decency to do a proper chicken impression...

The Cramps - Chicken

Unless I chicken out, there'll be more of this nonsense next Saturday.

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