Thursday, 29 September 2022

Neverending Top Ten #5.5: Your Alibi

"Daddy, what's an alibi?"

"Well, buddy... say the police thought you'd done something bad. Like, say they thought you'd broken into Sid's house and stolen all his chocolate, and they knew the break-in was a 7 o'clock last night. So imagine you'd been at a party at that time with 30 of your friends who could all prove you were there... well, that'd be your alibi. Proof that you didn't steal Sid's chocolate."

"Oh. OK. So... why's this guy waiting for one? What's he done?"


I have no idea. 



  1. Ooh, it would take a criminal mind to work that one out and fortunately (or unfortunately?) I don't have one. But what I can tell you is that tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak somewhere in this town. And I think we all know exactly where that's going to happen...

    1. Yes, quite.

      If I were a cop, I'd be staking out the donut shop, just in case. If I liked donuts. Which I don(u)t.


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