Tuesday 7 February 2023

Namesakes #20: Felt

To keep myself amused through the long, lonely sleepless nights, I often try to predict who will get most votes each week in this feature. I was pretty certain last week that The Angels with a tough boyfriend would be the winners, but you lot surprised me with an equal amount of love for the doo-woppers and the South African 80s soul stars (among others). I guess it really is true what they say about opinions. But that's just my opinion.

This week... as far as I'm concerned, at least... there can be only one winner. To the point where I almost didn't bother featuring this band name. However, then I wouldn't have had the excuse to play something by the band in question, and that would have been a tragedy.


Our first Felt hail from Huntsville, Alabama in the year of 1971, when they released their eponymous debut album of psychedelic blues rock. They then disappeared for 41 years before returning in 2012 with its follow-up, Felt II: Psychedelic Memoirs. I'm looking forward to the next one in 2053.

Fantastic Felt Fact! Their guitarist was called Stan Lee.


The singularly monikered Lawrence (I do know his surname, but as he has never used it, and I don't want to upset him by doing so myself) is one of the great unsung heroes of the indie-pop world. Except in certain circles (particularly the blogosphere) wherein he's very well... erm, sung. 

Lawrence formed Felt in 1979, named after a particularly distinct lyric in the Television song Venus. They went on to release exactly 10 singles and 10 LPs, fulfilling Lawrence's goal. He then promptly disbanded the group, but continued making music under the pseudonyms Denim, Go-Kart Mozart, and mostly recently Mozart Estate. Last year, he told The Grauniad,  “I’d rather be a tramp than reform Felt or play my old songs.” 

Here's one of Lawrence's finest moments...


American alt-rock from the early 2000s, with an obvious debt to Robert DeNiro...


Early 00s hip hop from US rappers Slug & Murs...

There were a couple more Felts out there, including a short-lived band formed by Aussie musician Richard Pleasance, but I couldn't find any tunes by them on the interweb.

I Felt there was an obvious winner this week. I'll be interested to see if you Felt the same...


  1. Assuming you feel the obvious winner is 2 then we are in agreement. Had hopes for 1 from the description but its a bit weedy

  2. #1 too dreary (sorry Stan Lee), #2 reminds me of Lloyd Cole & his Commotions, #3 reminds me of the kind of thing they played at The Bronze in Buffy and #4 quite a tidy bit of rap (although not groundbreaking).

    Hmm - it feels as if I always copy Ernie's choice but I come to my own opinion independently, honest. Yes it's #2 for me too.

    1. I have a confession to make. Before commenting on the namesakes I always message Alyson to see what she makes of them. She then graciously lets me comment first as she knows my fragile sense of self-worth will be undermined if I don't. Which just shows what a strong, independent and considerate woman she is (and one with impeccable taste).

    2. Ah yes - the Tuesday morning bit of collusion as soon as Rol publishes his next edition. We caught him out with our love for the South African 80s soul stars!

  3. Definitely Lawrence and Felt number 2 for me, good tune, always liked this and Primitive Painters.


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