Saturday 4 February 2023

Saturday Snapshots #278

What are your plans for this weekend? Maybe you're Going Down To Liverpool... or you fancy Walking Like An Egyptian? Or perhaps you just want a rest before another Manic Monday. 

Before you get on with all that, here are ten pop stars to identify... and puzzle out the connection between their songs.

10. Not Ralph, Veronica or Robert.

9. Invincible, like Elvis Costello's mouth 

8. A definite reason to be cheerful.

7. Ben's cursing Peter, due to a mix-up.

6. If you don't guess this one right, I'll call you a moderately insulting name. 

5. Mad as a...

4. School of Aspiration.

3. It's a Wonder, she's a thief.

2. Fe+C.

1. Bar.

Close your eyes, give me your hand, darling... and I'll give you the answers tomorrow morning.


  1. 1. Wham!
    8. Baxter Dury
    10. ELP

    John Medd

  2. 8. Baxter Dury
    1. Wham

    1. Enjoying the clues a lot this week as had:
      a) Forgotten all about the Wham bar - will have to seek one out.
      b) Am being reminded of all those great lines in Baxter's dad's song. "Health service glasses, gigolos and brasses." "Elvis and Scotty, the days when I ain’t spotty." "Take your mum to Paris, lighting up a chalice, Wee Willie Harris…."
      c) ELP look a bit like a Bee Gee tribute act there. Who under the age of 50 nowadays would remember the gorgeous Veronica Lake?

  3. 2. Great clue. Iron and carbon makes steel and it's a picture of Steel himself from Sapphire and Steel, David McCallum

  4. Is there a lunar link?


  5. Think the link is a bit Edgier than that.

  6. 4 is The Dream Academy with The Edge Of Forever, one of the best songs they did IMHO

  7. 5. Box of Frogs
    6. Incorrect Twerp (that one's a guess)

  8. 6 there is a band called Ugly Bastard. Is this them?

    1. Probably. But it's not them.

      Actually, you're all on the wrong track. It's not the insult we're looking for. It's how you might describe my action...

    2. Also, George, if that's what you consider a moderate insult, I don't want to hear what you class as extreme.

  9. Scraps! Woo-hoo. I would know this band anywhere...
    6. Minor Threat

  10. I’ll take a stab and say edge is the link this week. - Brian

  11. I see others already got it. Sorry. Still waking up.

  12. "It's not the insult we're looking for. It's how you might describe my action...": The Scornful Schoolteachers? The Biting Bloggers?


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