Wednesday, 1 February 2023

Celebrity Jukebox #66: Angela Rippon

When I was a kid, Angela Rippon was the most famous newsreader in the country. Who could challenge her? Richard Baker? Kenneth Kendall? Jan Leeming? None of those guys had danced with Morecambe & Wise!

She even released her own records! Well, her own Exercise Routines Set To Music...

Being the face of the news though can lead to all kinds of unpleasant attacks. Whether it be bands naming themselves after a part of your anatomy...

Or Crass offerings such as this one...

We burn our mistakes and we watch as they burn
We've been here so long we've got nothing to learn
And we put all the nastiest bits in your media bag
Angela Rippon, Kenneth Kendal, Robert Dougal, Richard Baker!

You could even find yourself getting sampled... a few decades later!

Before we get to today's obvious winner, here's a brief round-up of the rest of today's news...

But it was always going to be this one, wasn't it? And as a bonus, today only, you get a free Anna Ford!

What was Anna Ford wearing?
What did Angela Rippon say?
What will you do when you wake up one morning
To find that God's made you plain
In a beautiful person's world?


  1. Yet another great Billy Bragg song,

  2. Do you think Angela Rippon's Bum were inspired to take that name by Wavis O'Shave's classic "Anna Ford's Bum" LP?

    1. I came across that during my research, and I did wonder...

  3. Ooh, I didn't expect to see Crass here, Rol!
    I must admit too, I always thought it should be Angela Rippon's *legs* not bum... she had a fine pair of pins.

    1. She certainly did and still making important telly at nearly 80. Well done Angela.

  4. Richard Baker did do summersaults on Morecambe & Wise.
    Before Children In Need and Comic Relief, M&W was the only outlet for frustrated news readers (and Barry Norman)

    Angela Rippon was also the first presenter of Top Gear (when it was a magazine insert on Nationwide)


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