Wednesday, 8 February 2023

Celebrity Jukebox #68: David Crosby

And the requiems keep coming...

David Crosby was, by all accounts, a grumpy old git. But we have no problem with that here at Top Ten Towers. Indeed, we embrace Grumpy Old Gittiness. The best word I could find to describe him online was "ornery", which seems like a fine word to have engraved on your tombstone. Who cares, when you make music as beautiful as this...?

Crosby's refusal to visit the barbers on a regular basis inspired Robyn Hitchcock to pen the following...

You're in funky denim wonderland
You and David Crosby and a bloke with no hand
You've got hair in places
Most people haven't got brains

Frank Zappa's groupie was also fixated with Crosby's hair...

How about David Crosby? 
I mean, he's so... IN, y'know, I...
No, I never...
He's... he just knows, 
I mean, he almost cut his hair, but he didn't, well...

Meanwhile, the Dead Milkmen find David a little difficult to swallow...

What do they taste like, some kind a' treat?
How many hippies can this monster eat?
It ate stills and Nash before they could shout
And then it chewed on David Crosby but it spit him out

All the punks are gonna scream, yippee
'Cause it's the thing that only eats hippies

Slightly more philosophical, here's the wonderfully named Self Saboteur...

Maybe David Crosby was right
And we've all been here before
Maybe my spirit leaves at night
Through a golden astral door

While Jake Burns wants to move to Laurel Canyon to hang out with the great man...

Imagine if David Crosby lived next door
He'd be talking 'bout his future summer tour
Telling stories 'bout the Troubadour
The truth that lies beneath the floor

Time for the usual round-up of obscure titular mentions, courtesy of Discogs...

Sadly, I couldn't find Eugene Chadbourne's song "Lock David Crosby Up!" anywhere online.

Here's a couple that mention Crosby as the letter C, with those other guys...

Oh Mr. Hendrix, how high he could fly
Loved those golden vocals from CSNY

We got this melody
Bringin' the harmonies like CSNY
To write a tune you know will never die
Let's gather round and sing a song

(Very entertaining video for that one.)

Almost last word goes to Nigel Blackwell...

If I was in CSNY, I’d be Stephen Stills

Fair enough, Nigel.

Today's winner though is a delightful new discovery who will be getting further investigation from me. And that is why I do this feature. Take it away, John Craigie...

I don't know how I'm gonna find ya, babe it's hard for me 
You're always 2, 000 miles from wherever I play
And you want some kids, maybe I want em too
Can we get ourselves a old one, maybe 22
Ain't got no college loans, ain't got no other debts too
He could smoke with me, he could drink with you
He could be my drummer, David Crosby does that
He didn't raise his neither, honey, how 'bout that?

RIP, the C in CSNY.

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  1. I mainly got to know David Crosby through the many documentaries made about life in Laurel Canyon and he was a key player it seems. He always came across as quite affable but yes, in reality that word 'ornery' seems to describe him best.

    Interesting subject for a song, becoming a father to an adult just like David Crosby, and making him your drummer. Doesn't always work out that well.


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