Thursday, 6 October 2022

Grumpy Old Men Songs #21: Happiness Is It

This is not Justin Currie’s first appearance as a Grumpy Old Man on this blog. I doubt it will be his last. From Nothing Ever Happens to No, Surrender, he’s consistently been near the top of the Grumpy Old Pops throughout his career.

Following on from last year’s excellent Del Amitri comeback album, Fatal Mistakes, the band have released a supplementary collection of Outtakes & B-Sides, many of which are strong enough to have been included on the album itself… though I’m glad they did it this way, rather than going down the dreaded Double Album route. Anyway, among this collection is perhaps the happiest grumpiest song Mr. Currie has penned to date. In these days of war, pestilence and incompetent politicians, this is two and a bit minutes of pure misanthropy that cheers me up greatly...

I'm gonna sing a happy song (everything is dying)
So kick your feet and clap along (we're all going to hell)
I'm gonna sing a happy song
Throw it on the heap of shit you're choking on
To the ever-growing hill of junk
I'm gonna add another one
I'm gonna let rip a whoop of joy (everything is burning)
C'mon kill a girl, rape a boy (we're all going to hell)
I'm gonna sing a happy song
Don't give a fuck if you don't sing along
Next year this will all be gone
So hit the pedal bring it on
Hurry up don't be late, the suicides start at eight
Last one alive can take some pride
In seeing the last one die
I'm gonna sing a happy song (everything is dying)
Happiness keeps us strong (we're all going to hell)
I'm gonna sing a happy song
Till my eyes bleed and hair is gone
Main thing is to carry on into the pit
Cos happiness is it


  1. That is excellent. One to line up in readiness for the four-minute warning (now just to find something for the remaining 1m56s)

    1. Or if I could add only subtract correctly, 1m46s!

    2. It's OK, C, I'm not a Maths teacher.

      (George is though.)

  2. Grumpy old man hall of famer. Nice to know he’s still plugging along. Sure knows his way around a song. - Brian

  3. Thanks for the tip-off.
    I got Fatal Mistakes and enjoyed it muchly. Didn't know about the companion album.


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