Sunday 26 March 2023

Snapshots #285: A Top Ten Geometry Songs

This week's Snapshots was specially for all the Maths teachers reading this... well, George.

10. Did you mix up the bait, mum?

"Bait, mum" was an anagram.

Geometric Term = Point

Matumbi - Point Of View

9. Oh what a night these guys had.

Oh What A Night was in December, 1963.

Geometric Term = Angles

8. A bar... with a extra R.

A Mars Bar... with an extra R.

Geometric Term = Volume

7. He's Sly and... the US KLF, almost.

Sly & Robbie meets an angram.

Geometric Term = Parallel

6. Jupiter, Mars, Vulcan, Krypton. 

They're all planets.

Geometric Term = Lines

5. I wager she'll be somewhere near the centre.

I bet she's in the middle.

Geometric Term = Distance

4. When a Hammer met a Rebel.

Jan Hammer meets James 'Rebel Without A Cause' Dean.

Geometric Term = Curve

3. Enough to make your but shake.

"But shake" was an anagram.

Geometric term = pi

2. From chairman to binman.

The Chairman of the Board was Frank Sinatra. A bin man empties trashcans.

Geometric Term = Circumference

1. Afterwards, we're off to watch Joshua fight.

Joshua fought the battle of Jericho. 

Geometric Term = Area

1. Then Jericho - Big Area

There'll be more Snapshots for you to work out next Saturday...


  1. Very inventive, Rol, I'm impressed. I am especially pleased that you use the word geometry, because when I was teaching the term used was Shape and Space, which demeans the entire subject area.

    1. I came up with this while sitting in the Maths classroom.

  2. Still feel bad I jumped in - hope I’m forgiven. In my defence, my old job included lots of Maths too (for the qualification anyway) and you never lose it - although George does appear less than enthusiastic nowadays!


    1. Alyson, I lost my enthusiasm for teaching two years before I quit.


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