Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Mid-Life Crisis Songs #61: When You're My Age

Another song about being a parent and watching your kids grow up today... I would have made it a series, but doing so seems to kill my inspiration lately and I dry up when it comes to future editions. Besides, they're all Mid-Life Crisis Songs when you get right down to it...

This one, from Lori McKenna's 2020 album pictured above, well worth your time... well, I'll let it speak for itself...

When you're my age
I hope the world is kinder
Than it seems to be right now
And I hope the front page isn't just a reminder
Of how we keep lettin' each other down

When I was your age, things didn't seem to be this hard
Riding bikes out on the street, playing tag in the back yard

You'll outgrow your shoes
You'll outgrow your bed
You'll outgrow this house
Just don't forget
When you're all grown up
But you don't feel that way
You're still gonna be my baby
Even when you're my age

When you're my age
You'll still be full of questions
That I wish I had the answers to right now
And those dark times might make you second guess it
But I bet love will still be making the world go 'round

When I was your age, I didn't worry like I think you do
Back then innocence was something you could hold onto...


  1. Bloody hell, Rol, why do you always post these songs at the exact same moment I coincidentally get something in my eye?

    Properly lovely.

  2. Holy schnikes! That's a heartbeat.


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