Wednesday, 17 March 2021

Neverending Top Ten #3.7: Basically...


Basically, Sam is now obsessed with Formula 1. This seems a natural progression for someone who spent the first 6 years of his life obsessed with Lightning McQueen and Disney's Cars. Since his mum bought him the above book (or last year's version of it... I bought him the new one, on the day it came out), he reads it every day. He has memorised all the drivers, all the teams, all the racetracks. He then quizzes me on it. 

I, of course, know nothing about F1. I am amused, however, than Sam seems to think one of the drivers is called Chinny Reckon. (It's Kimi Räikkönen. But Chinny Reckon is good enough for me.)

The other thing Sam does a lot is use the word "basically". I mean, basically, every sentence. I think he must get this from Louise, who uses it infrequently. Basically's not really a word I use much... I'm more likely to say "ultimately", but Sam hasn't picked up on that. It's basically getting on my wick... but not as much as the whistling. He also says "to be fair" and "to be honest" a lot, the latter when he's basically not being very honest at all... I mean, when he's telling a proper chinny reckon.

There is a World Party song called Basically, but I don't want to listen to it. No offence to World Party. This seems more appropriate today...


  1. Wait until he stops quizzing you on F1 and asks you to start quizzing him....

  2. I have a couple of pals who actually go and watch cars driving round and round. Unbelievable

  3. I have a couple of close friends who are huge F1 fans, to the extent that if they're out and about while a race is on the TV, they'll listen to it on the radio. Motor racing...on the radio. I just don't get it.
    Chinny Reckon is a brilliant name.

  4. It's funny how 'basically' has become such an over-used word. I guess we had the same with certain words/turn of phrase when we were growing up, although it's so long ago I can't remember.At least Sam isn't using 'literally' or 'obviously' as so many others do when (obviously, literally and basically) meaning the opposite (tho' there's still time...)

  5. Murray Walker the F1 commentator sadly died last weekend. There is a program about him on the BBC iplayer which might be of interest to Sam as there are interviews with all the greats. I’ve not really watched motor sport for years but I do remember Murray making it really entertaining with all his Murrayisms.

  6. I've got tickets to Silverstone this year - delayed 50th Birthday pressie. All 3 days of all things automotive (an probably bad weather knowing Britain in July).
    Sounds like I'm alone here, but love a bit of Racing Cars
    (They Shoot Horses Don't They)

    The word surreal gets over-used (is Sam using that one yet).
    Basically (see what I did there?), it's only surreal if your mobile phone turns into a fish, or if your X-Box starts randomly dispensing chocolate


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