Sunday, 7 March 2021

Saturday Snapshots #179: A Top Ten Million Songs

Who better to illustrate our TOP TEN MILLION SONGS than the Six Million Dollar Man himself? You know if they remade that today, he'd probably have to be a Six Billion Dollar Man? Six Million probably wouldn't even buy him a bionic leg.

Lee Majors, ladies and gentleman... the American Dennis Waterman.

Now onto the answers. Blame Lynchie if they were too hard this week. He said last week's were too easy!

10. Pow!

Take THAT!

I make no apologies for featuring Take That here. As boy bands go, they have at least three decent songs. Yes, Gary Barlow is a twonk, but Robbie makes up for that.

9. Too much steak can clog the arteries - not sensible!

It's not Captain Sensible who's risking his heart over beef!

8. Mixed up male tit.

Mix up "male tit" and you get...

Mattiel - Millionaire

7. Gym shoes.

The Plimsouls - A Million Miles Away

6. Pull any string to unravel.

"Pull any" twisted up leaves you with...

Lyn Paul - It Ought To Sell A Million

See - Take That wasn't the worst song this week! They both share a groovy saxophone though.

5. Story time in the oasis.

Rory, Rory, tell a story to the Gallaghers...

Rory Gallagher - A Million Miles Away

4. How Tony put out his candles.

With a (Tony) Curtis blow...

Kurtis Blow - 8 Million Stories

3. Crocodile hating physician.

Dr. Hook - The Millionaire

2. Drabber artisans are not on for this ape!

"Drabber artisans" was an anagram. 

A gibbon is an ape... but this gibbon is not on, so it's just a Gibb.

Barbra Streisand & Barry Gibb - Guilty (One In A Million)

The version in my music library has brackets. I don't know why, because most of the time the title is just Guilty, no brackets. The Human Nature cover has brackets though, if you're interested. You shouldn't be, because it's awful.

1. He's pretty good at this quiz.

The gentleman above is Ken Sweeney. He was the lead singer of a band called... Brian!

(I did want this clue to involve Mrs. Brian, but that would have been too obvious.)

Join me again next week for more of the unknown snapshots that make Saturday such a star...


  1. Hey Rol. Tough. I only knew two this week. I got the Plimsouls and Barry/Babs right away, and then nothing, including my namesake. Big fan of Brian, though. Have featured a few times at my place through the years. Nice job, everyone.

    1. You were too modest to get the clue!

  2. When I said last week's quiz was easy what I meant that it was easier than previous quizzes. Anyways, I'm proud to have got 3 right this week and working out the (Tony) Kurtis Blow clue.

    1. That was one of my better clues. Plenty of duff ones, but I like ones like that.

  3. I’ve never seen the bracketed bit attached to the song Guilty before which is why I didn’t get it - Annoying as the picture is from the video clip for the song. (It oughta be illegal) maybe.

    1. Yeah, I feel a bit... erm... guilty... about that one.


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