Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Neverending Top Ten #3.8: N.B.

Louise bought Sam a "Colour Your Own T-Shirt" kit. 

Don't ask me. We never had these in the 70s.

Anyway, he coloured it in. And then, using the same water resistant pen (bearing in mind he knows only slightly more about football than his old man does, and I know nothing), he wrote this on the back...

A junior pedant in training. 

I am very proud right now.

(And even more impressed that a 7 year old knows how to use Nota Bene.)

Here's linus.maybe... Not Another Football Song!


  1. Ah, a piece of brilliance from Sam. Love the thought that in years to come you'll have a record of moments such as this on here to look back on.

  2. Indeed, a Nota Bene from a 7-year-old (is it me or does it feel like no time since he was 4) - You don't hear that often. As C said, you’ll look back at that t-shirt in the years to come and smile.

  3. Thanks, guys. That's exactly why I post these things here.


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