Sunday, 14 March 2021

Saturday Snapshots #180 - A Top Ten Sand Songs

If you're stuck in the House again this Sunday morning, here's yesterday's Snapshot answers. Don't be Laurie if you didn't get them all...


10. Imaginary compilation album gets weighty.

As anyone who follows The Vinyl Villain will know, an Imaginary Compilation Album is an ICA. A heavy one would be a Metal-ICA.

Metallica - Enter Sandman

Still not a patch on this version...

9. USA, avenge NZ!

It was, of course, an anagram.

Suzanne Vega - Song of Sand

8. Fair lady leaves the Queen in the company of two killers. 

My Fair Lady was Eliza Doolittle.

The Queen is Elizabeth,

If Eliza left the Queen, all that would be left is Beth.

The two killers were Dennis Nilsen & Mark David Chapman.

7. Where to get a good kebab.

From the doner van, of course!

6. Done to spells, lines, eyes and shadows.

You cast spells, cast lines, cast your eyes and cast shadows.

5. It's easier to get down on one knee when you're not so old.

It's easier to kneel when you're young.

4. Kick to restart - amazing!

A free kick, taken to restart a football game, could be a corner. An amazing one would be...

3. Sliced ballerina.

An anagram for the wonderful...

2. Eponymously big.

Or you could have had...

1. Central arrears.

Core debts.

More Snapshots for you (and Hugh) next week...

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