Friday, 26 March 2021

Positive Songs For Negative Time #48: The Day After

File Carly Pearces in the "One To Watch" file. 

Her new pop-country EP 29 evokes thoughts of Taylor and Kacey, Carrie and Miranda... and a little bit of Dolly and Tammy attitude on the lead track, Next Girl...

But the track that's sticking in my ears at the moment is the closer, Day One, which sounds like a direct sequel to Abba's The Day Before You Came. (Memorably covered by Blancmange, of course.)

Where that song tells of the day before a relationship, this one tracks the days after a break-up... it also makes me wonder what Day One, post coronavirus might be like. With the threat of a Third Wave on the way, that day seems like a distant prospect again now, but, as Carly's song promises us, things do get better... after a while.

Let's hope so anyway.


  1. Next Girl was fun especially since I thought the guy at the start of the video was Noel Fielding. Loved that "Day One" track so I'll be checking out Carly Pearce. Thanks for that Rol.

  2. Yes, loved 'Day One' too - I now seem to have also lived through Day One vicariously on several occasions (via DD). Tough indeed but she's always managed (a bit better than her mum back in the day).


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