Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Positive Songs For Negative Times #49: The Backbounceability of Humans

Just prior to the easing of lockdown last weekend, we tested the limits of what was "local" in order to take a walk round some (quite) nearby National Trust gardens. We weren't arrested for it, and we got to see the above colourful eggs (along with a brightly painted bench - much more impressive than a Happy Bench - that Sam sat on). It was a mini art installation in the woods, but without pretention, and the pretty colours contrasted well with the early Spring gloom. I say all this to counter yesterday's misanthropy... in case it's not already too late.

As lockdown eases one step back on the roadmap to a brighter future... how are you all doing? I'm still on the verge of a nervous breakdown, but at least I've had half a hair cut. Louise bought some clippers online and shaved the back and sides... but she daren't touch the top. Apparently I now resemble a Peaky Blinder (as long as it's not Tom Hardy) or a slightly younger David Lynch. But I feel better for it. Other than that, not much else to report.

Here's some Norwegian Americana to take your mind off it all. Harald Thune may hail from the Land of the Midnight Sun, but he's got a voice many Nashville musicians would kill for. Don't believe me? Ask the recently retired Kris Kristofferson, who declared: “This guy is good; this guy is really damn good!” 

Harald's latest album is called The Backbounceability of Humans, a very appropriate title for these troubled times. Here's wishing you all a good dose of backbounceability with the lead single, Hello, Trouble!


  1. Hi Rol, not long to go now; come on, we can do this.
    My sanity levels are always in question at the best of times, but sfsg. We've come this far...

    Haircut? I've gone DIY too. Than again, last LD I was hacking bits off with clippers and scissors all the time.

  2. Looking pretty distinguished there, John.

  3. Liking the sound of your haircut! This is the first time in years I've let mine grow beyond my ears and it's a bit of a novelty. As is the amount of hair I keep finding in the plughole trap and hoover now, shocking!
    Indeed we're on the right track and I'm fine on the surface but, to be honest, so up and down inside I do worry I'll ever get the back to feeling my normal self again... it just seems like something has gone.


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