Saturday, 13 March 2021

Saturday Snapshots #180

Time to test your IQ... or Fry your brains again.

Identify ten artists from the clues below. Work out the theme that connects their songs. Then identify the songs.

10. Imaginary compilation album gets weighty.

9. USA, avenge NZ!

8. Fair lady leaves the Queen in the company of two killers. 

7. Where to get a good kebab.

6. Done to spells, lines, eyes and shadows.

5. It's easier to get down on one knee when you're not so old.

4. Kick to restart - amazing!

3. Sliced ballerina.

2. Eponymously big.

1. Central arrears.

Go Wilde about the answers tomorrow morning.


  1. 5. Neil Young

    With his vast back catalogue not easy to look for a link from him alone. Will look at the others.

  2. 1. The Chordettes but doesn't help with the link to the song.

  3. 3 is Belinda Carlisle (insert obligatory *sigh* from the teenage me).

  4. Could the theme be horses?

    Neil Young, Horse With No Name
    Belinda Carlisle, Runaway Horses
    Chordettes, Jingle Bells (One Horse Open Sleigh)


  5. Is the link Man? Mr Sandman, Sunshine Superman, Southern Man?

    1. Must be, not least because I can't think of a 'horse' song for Donovan.

      So 10 is Metallica, Enter Sandman

      And 7 is Donovan, either Hurdy Gurdy Man or Sunshine Superman.

  6. Scrub previous

    The link is SAND

  7. Not horses. Not man.

    But a couple of your songs are correct...

  8. 9 is Beth Nielsen Chapman, Sand and Water

    The Belinda track is Circle in the Sand. You've also got Enter Sandman and Mr Sandman. Donovan sang Sand and Foam.

  9. Belinda song could be Circles in the Sand - My aerobics class used it for a routine in the early 90s!

  10. Is 4 The Brilliant Corners? They had a track called Delilah Sands.

  11. From the clue, 2 is Giant Sand.

  12. And Neil Young song must be Cowgirl In The Sand
    (NB Horse With No Name was by America)

  13. So much for leaving some for The Swede this week!

  14. Bloody hell you lot are quick off the mark on a Saturday morning! I treat myself to a little lie-in and a leisurely breakfast - and miss out on the whole shebang! Next time I get a Saturday off I'm setting an early alarm!

  15. I hear you, Swede. Gotta be quick. Thinking about napping Friday afternoon so I can stay awake when it goes live 12:30AM my time.


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