Saturday, 20 March 2021

Saturday Snapshots #181

Morecame to Saturday Snapshots than ever before... but not all of them were Wise enough to guess the clues.

Identify ten singers from the clues below. Then work out the theme their songs have in common... then guess the songs.

I think it's quite easy this week. But that's easy for me to say! 

10. Total Landscaping.

9. The only way.

8. Rock hard.

7. Risk getting muddled up twice when the offers are on.

6. Lil' Yorkie.

5. Con charm.

4. I was born pretty much slap bang in the middle...

3. Where Band Aid came from.

2. Once upon a time, a home for rabbits.

1. Donnie's Frank. (Frank, Frank.)

What do you think of it so far?


  1. 9. David Essex
    2. David Soul (Hutch!)

    And the link is David - No it's not and I think I know what it might be but too soon for guesses.

  2. 10 is the Four Seasons (love the clue!)
    3 is First Aid Kit
    Think I know the link too but let's keep up the tension!

    1. I'm starting to doubt my link as I can't think of anything by the band featured at CC's place today that fits.

      Does your link start with an S?

    2. Sorry bum information there.The act in question are featuring next Saturday!

    3. I must admit I popped over and couldn't indeed see any mention of them - Though you were being very cryptic or something and I didn't get it!

  3. 4-A band who also feature at my place today!

  4. 5 Marc Cohn - but don't think the answer is Memphis

  5. Now that the cat's out of the bag, some songs:

    9. Silver Lady by David Soul
    2. Silver Dream machine by David Essex

  6. 7. "The Silver Tongued Devil and I"

  7. 3. First Aid Kit - My Silver Lining

  8. Nobody knows the Scottish gentleman at #8?

    1. CC - Damn I should have got that. I knew jim when he lived in Aberdeen for a while and played local pubs and clubs with an acoustic band called Pleasance. He also fronted a rock band called Gully Foyle. This would be early 1970's. Great voice and a real character.


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