Thursday, 14 July 2022

2022 Contenders: Life Ain't Fair

The Eagles always said that hell would freeze over before they got back together. Then they got back together and did the Hell Freezes Over tour. After a while, they even recorded a new album. But it was an immensely dull concept album that tried to right the wrongs of the 80s & 90s in song. With that record, they became the Eaglezzzzzzzz... and never recorded together again.

But imagine they'd got back together and tried to recapture the care-free country rock sound of their earliest records instead, only with a little bit of contemporary shimmer on top. Essentially you'd have Midland, a band I have a lot of time for, despite the fact that bar band cliches are their stock in trade. 

Their latest album, The Last Resort (it's even named after an Eagles song!) does not deviate from this template... and more power to them for that.

One song that leapt right out at me on first hearing was Life Ain't Fair, essentially an extended metaphor in which we're all on all rollercoaster, and we've just got to deal with it. I do like me a nice rock n roll pun...

'Cause life is like a carnival ride
And you're watching the ground disappear
And you're saying, "Won't you stop this train
And let me off right here?"

And when everything is upside down
It won't do you no good to despair
Just remember we're all going round together


  1. Yes, nice song and a good pun, but then I freely admit to being an Eagles fan.

    The seagull on that beach freaks me out. I was attacked by one in town the other night when we treated ourselves to a fancy ice-cream. Nabbed it straight out of my hand cheeky devil.



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