Wednesday, 6 July 2022

Celebrity Jukebox #6: Barbara Stanwyck

When I first announced this series, George set me a little challenge.

Well, actually he set me three.

The first one, I failed miserably at. To be honest, I had to google Mercedes McCambridge, just to make sure she wasn't a delusion of George's fevered imagination. Turns out she's not. This is her in Giant, one of the only three films James Dean ever made...

And this is her (uncredited) in The Exorcist. Really. Google it if you don't believe me.

But there were absolutely no songs (that I could find) which mention her name. The closest I got was this...

I had more luck with George's second suggestion though. The lady at the top of the page is Barbara Stanwyck, who, back in 1944, was the highest paid actress in the USA. Which probably made her the highest paid actress in the world. Unless the Lithuanian film industry was especially lucrative at the time.

Here she is in perhaps her most famous role, Double Indemnity. Well, it's the only one I could think of, besides The Thorn Birds.

This is Quella, a contemporary Prog-Punk-Metal band from Brighton. I bet they'll be right up George's street...

You've taken it all
And in my quiet panic
I channel Barbara Stanwyck
And there's fire in my eyes

Personally, I prefer this, from one of my favourite Aussie bands, The Lucksmiths...

But honey, there's no hurry
I would hate to make you panic
I feel like Fred MacMurray
And you look like Barbara Stanwyck

As to George's third suggestion... we'll save her for another day. Because I need more space...



  1. I am impressed that you could find not one but two songs about the legendary Barbara Stanwyck. I am also pleasantly surprised that I like both tracks! Well done indeed.

    1. I'm always pleased if you're pleased, George.

  2. Well done indeed. Doubt if there will any more songs that refer to Barbara though. These great actors are being consigned to history. (Alyson)

    James Dean only made three films. Incredible.

    1. I'm open to any further suggestions...

  3. Further suggestions, What about Gloria Grahame, Lana Turner and Joan Fontaine (or her equally famous sister)

    1. Nothing immediately springs to mind for Gloria, but the other two should be no problem.

  4. I recommend "Me & Barbara Stanwyck" for an afternoon pick-me-up. Always does the trick.

  5. I forgot to add "by the Lola's"


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