Monday, 8 March 2021

Snapshots Spillover: Another Ten Million Songs

With the new format of Saturday Snapshots essentially becoming the new way for me to continue doing thematic Top Tens on this blog, I've found I often don't get to feature all the songs I'd like. Partly to avoid too much repetition of artists, eras or genres in the quiz. That's why I label it "A Top Ten..." ratherthan "The Top Ten..."

Then it occurred to me: why not start a new Monday feature where I squeeze in some of the songs I didn't have room for? Not every week. Just when I have an overspill. 

So here we go with a few more Million songs...

10. Human Radio - My First Million

When I make my first million
Think I'll buy myself some happiness
If there's a sale on satisfaction
I might just have to stock up
Maybe I'll buy myself some muscles
And a California lifestyle
An irresponsible Ferrari
An ex-cheerleader to knock up

Sadly, it never happened for them.

9. The Ovations - One In A Million

Well-produced Memphis soul. 

8. Orange Juice - A Million Pleading Faces

Impossible not to tap your feet to.

Trumpets, too!

7. Queen - The Millionaire Waltz

Freddie played a great piano.

6.   The Pastels - A Million Tears

Kurt Cobain's favourite 80s Glaswegian indie band.

5. Toto - A Million Miles Away

From one of Toto's least successful albums. Meaning it only sold a million copies rather than 5 million, probably. Starts slow but then, woah, mama! 

4. Lowell George - Twenty Million Things To Do

Solo album from the Little Feat man, manages to get the words "mysterious wisteria" into the lyrics. Points for that.

3. Ooberman - A Million Suns

I will never understand why this band weren't massive.

2. Kirsty MacColl - I'm Going Out With An 80 Year Old Millionaire

He won’t last much longer if he keeps drinking gin
I filled up the bottle that’s marked medicine
He says that he’ll leave all his empire to me
And sitting on top is the best place to be
So don’t get impatient now boys you must wait
We’ll all have such fun when I own the estate
Britt’s got her toy boys but I don’t care
‘Cos I’m going out with an 80 year old millionaire

1. The Wedding Present - A Million Miles

New version, from the just-released Locked Down & Stripped Back album, which is getting a lot of spins in this house right now.

Actually, I found quite a few more. Maybe not a million, but I could have gone another ten.

Any you would have featured?


  1. ABC -(How to be a) Millionaire

  2. I miss joining in with the Saturday Snapshots fun - by the time I get home from work these days, it's all done and dusted, but I'm off this week so hopefully I'll be able to get involved at the weekend. I'm really enjoying that Wedding Present lockdown album too. While we're on the million tip, let's not forget contributions from two heroes of mine, who I often suggest on these pages: Million Miles by Bob Dylan and Ordinary Millionaire by Robyn Hitchcock.

    1. I look forward to a Swede Clean Sweep. These guys need a bit of competition.

  3. The only song I know from that top 10 is "Twenty Million Things To Do". Should I feel ashamed?

    1. I think I should feel more ashamed by some of the songs I know.

  4. THat said, I can offer you “Million Dollar Bash” by Bob Dylan & The Band.

  5. Can I up the ante with Billion Dollar Babies?

  6. That Wedding Present album just showed up on my front porch today. Inexplicably, One in a Million by the Romantics was the first song to pop into my head, but there are many from the world of indie-pop I love. Like a Millionaire by the Man From Delmonte and Millions and Millions by Shine spring to mind. Million Tears by the Pastels is great, and the cover from the Springfields is just as good. When I think of millions, however, the lyric "I'm worth a million in prizes from Iggy Pop's Lust for Life takes the prize.

  7. Yes, Iggy would take the lyrical reference prize.


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